Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let's make candy donuts!

This is a penalty game.
(said Ryosuke)

**Picture heavy post**
So I really love these candy--Let's Make~ activities.
This past December I had sent over the bento set and my family and I made it 'together' and everyone was pleasantly surprised by the non-vile taste that it turned out to be.
There are only a few of these and only certain stores actually have them, so when I finally found the donut version, I insisted Ryosuke and I try to make it. I had failed miserably at making the sushi set by myself, so I really wanted him to be there.
I was really excited, and thankfully he had made similar things like this when he was little so--I'm pretty sure he was just letting me have my way (like always). It was definitely a team effort, as we both did our best to make these cute little donuts.
I was really happy that he actually enthusiastically helped and read off the instructions and we both really tried to make them not taste horrid... (not giving any spoilers).
So usually the instructions are fairly vague and written on the box or the plastic wrap it comes in.

Everything you will need is provided and all you need is water that you will use to mix everything together, so have a cup or small bowl with water on the ready.

And most of the time you can use the plastic as it's own little plate..after much fumbling and taking it from Ryosuke, I managed to make it..albeit not the prettiest.
We started to make the donut 'dough' and as always, unsure of how much of the powder to add. It is SUPER VAGUE and you are supposed to know how much to use, we used about half to make swirl donuts after.
The 'dough' varied in the texture but we made it work!

(I was very much participating, but was wearing a really chesty tank top and not looking very fly...so no pictures of me.)

After making the 'dough' we had to make the icing, and the colors were super cute! Ryosuke insisted on making the chocolate, which in turn looked like... yeah. You even get a little bag that helps with decorating!

I am clearly not made to be a baker, at least with icing that wild, because mine came out completely ruined...but I loved them, at least the look anyway.


 The final step to the process (before eating) is to add the sprinkles! Which of course, I needed to make a huge mess out of everything!!
 (Actually called 'crunch' but, it's basically sprinkles.)
The true final step was to actually eat them!
But, I knew from the beginning they would taste terrible, so to be honest I wasn't planning on trying it from the start, but I let Ryosuke try it since he tries anything at least once--and it was the sweetest worst taste every apparently.. thus
A penalty game.
Next time we will tackle the hamburger one, which you microwave and everything.
Thanks for reading!

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