Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Living in the mountains

Mountains...everywhere 0_0

I am an 'English teacher' living in Gunma and plan to write a blog about things that go on in this simple area. There isn't much to do around if you're not into outdoorsy activities and I'm a princess from Miami, so that leaves me beach-less and bored especially when the nearest mall is an hour and something drive away.
(Which I also don't drive that far for fear of getting lost so my boyfriend drives me everywhere.♡ )
What a hunk (color contacts)
I also really enjoy talking about Japanese societal things with a different perspective than most. I grew up in a Latin/American household (note: Latin/American not Latin American) and I tend to think a bit more along the Japanese way of women serving men (while being ruled by a very strong woman whom you did NOT want to piss off). :)
My life is what I consider boring, with random adventures with my darling within the prefecture. It's simple, but structured and I am fully happy to have it and be living in the one place in the world that I feel like is my home. I won't talk much about my job, I 'teach' English. You can read many blogs about how that goes and you will probably have a different experience if you come and work here so I won't go much into that. One dedicated post maybe and then that'll be that. 

Name: Katrina
Age: 23
Hometown: Miami, Fl
Currently: Gunma, Japan
Hobbies: Watching Movies/TV
Height: Teeny Tiny
Dark hair/Dark Eyes/Vampire White Skin
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